10 Funny Facts from the World of Marketing

Funny Marketing

New Zealand SMM manager Selena Wright recorded a series of videos for TikTok in which she talked about the most absurd, ridiculous and funny facts from the world of marketing. The network users found the stories about big brands’ feuds, tricky tricks and ingenious strategies so interesting that Selena’s videos are gaining hundreds of thousands of views. Sears purposely made its catalogs smaller than those of its competitor Montgomery Ward so that housewives would put them on top, gathering magazines into a stack. In 2012, Dunkin Donuts launched a marketing campaign in Seoul that installed hot coffee-scented scent sprays on buses that were triggered every time a Dunkin Donuts commercial jingle played on the radio. The campaign reached more than […]

Sports marketing: tasks and tools

sport marketing

All subjects of sports market are focused on realization of different aims and tasks, in particular on popularization of this or that sport, increase of fans number, and as the result increase of ticket sale on matches and competitions, increase of demand for goods and services, attraction of sponsors and professional coaches, increase of profitability of sports business. Achieving these results depends on many factors, including political, social, economic, cultural and competitive.